Finding a bra that fits perfectly

When it comes to lingerie, there’s nothing more important than finding a bra that fits perfectly. Wearing a properly fitting bra will not only improve comfort and support, but it can make you feel much more confident too. As we know how tricky finding the perfect fit can be, we’ve put together our most common fit problems and insider tips.

The front


  • The underwire sits flat against the chest.
  • Your breasts should be completely secure within the underwire.
  • The cups fit with no spilling out or sitting away from your breasts.

The back

  • The straps are parallel or slightly V shaped at the back.
  • The band sits level without riding up at the back.
  • The underband feels comfortably snug.
  • Straps do not dig into the shoulders.
  • Straps sit central on your shoulders.

If you still don’t feel comfortable, it may be because the bra you’ve chosen simply doesn’t suit your body shape. Try another bra style and see if you feel more comfortable.

Common Fit Problem

The underband

Problem: How do I know if my underband fits properly?

Solution: A perfectly fitting underband will sit in a horizontal line around your body. If the underband is riding up at the back then it’s too big.

To check if your underband fits, lift your arms in the air and check if your breasts spill out under the cups. Then fasten it on the loosest hook and eye and pull it out from the centre back.

If you’re wearing the right size underband, then it should not pull out more than 4cm. If you can pull the underband out more than this, you may need to go down a back size or two.

0-4 CM correct underband size
4-8 CM go down one underband size
8-12 CM go down two underband sizes
12-16 CM go down three underband sizes

The Straps

Problem: My straps are digging into my shoulders and it feels uncomfortable.

Solution: If the straps dig in, it could be because your underband is too big and the straps are having to do most of the support When you know your underband fits perfectly, you should adjust the straps so they sit comfortably on your shoulders.

The center Front

Problem: The centre front of my bra sits away from my chest.

Solution: The underwire should sit flat against your chest and the centre front has no gaps. If the underwire drags down at the front it could be too small.

If the underband lifts away at the centre front then your cups could be too small.

The Cups

Problem: My cups don’t fit properly.

Solution: If the cups are too small, then your breasts may spill out of the cups or at the sides. You may need to go up a cup size or two.

If the cups are too big, then the cups will be wrinkled or creased. Try going down a cup size.
A perfectly fitting bra should have no overspill at the cups and underarm.

Different sizes

Problem: My breasts are different sizes.

Solution: It is perfectly normal for breasts to be different sizes, but some are more noticeable than others.

For the best shape and support, fit your bra to the larger breast. If you notice any creasing to the smaller cup you can always try adding a gel or foam insert.


Problem: The underwires feel uncomfortable.

Solution: Try flexing the wires. If they’re flexible then the bra may be more comfortbale but offer less support. If it’s rigid then it might be uncomfortable and dig in.

Wire flexibility can vary greatly between brands, so try a few different brands to see what suits you.

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